Brain Health — Be Transformed (The Prequel)

If you know me, then my holding a class to teach you something, is not a surprise to you and seems even logical.  So to teach about Brain Health will be fun.  I LOVE to learn and read and make sense of things.  That is the Intellect and Input part of my Strength Finders test I took a couple years ago. If you do NOT know me, you will soon decide if I am worthy of your valuable time, and you will join me the next 12 weeks on my blog, or not.  Either way, I'm glad to have your attention for the moment. And if you just read a bit more, you may be making one of the best decisions in your life because of where I am leading you to go, and how this may help transform yours or someone's brain you love!

So the question is: What made me decide to host 12 weeks of classes on the brain and brain health? Well it's not a short story, but the short version is this.

There came a point in mid 2016 when the Lord impressed upon me it was time to move back to my hometown to begin to assist in my Mother's care (not physical, yet), as symptoms of dementia were quite evident. For years, my sister had been the Go-To person for mom for lost keys, locking herself out of the house or garage, taxes not getting sent in, missed appts, balancing the checkbook and bills starting to be late or unpaid, and then there was Mom's getting lost to travel to my home, more 'hermit-like' living, repetitious conversation in person and on the phone….and more.  I'd begun to read and study some things about the brain, dementia, meds and supplements prior to my current foray into this realm and I tried to get mom on brain support supplements and essential oils in 2015.  But over a year's time, I saw she wasn't able to choose to remember or to understand the need, timing, or dosages of supplements that really would help her as I learned was needed. Nor was she able to try other suggested things to support good brain health or to undo things unhealthy for the brain that she was doing without knowing it. Sigh. So I move 'home'… that is back to hometown and buy a neutral location for mom and I to live so I can 'monitor' her supplements, meals, and try to keep her active, busy, building her mind and thinking maybe I can even help to stop the dementia. LOL…I was about to 'learn' alot about my suppositions!

Fast forward to the end of 2017 and that we realize Mom is not getting 'better' but in fact having some progression in Alzheimer's symptoms. We knew this would be the case, as the Alzheimer's support group we attended monthly through 2017 is very factual and painfully honest about what is coming or happening.  What made it more pronounced were 'family' visits with Mom's sisters, each a bit older, one showing signs of mild alzheimer's, the other advanced signs and not really knowing who most of us were.

Now let me digress a moment, as it is important to understand something. Have you ever been presented with a new book to read, song to listen to, you-tube to watch, product to try, diet to start, exercise to begin, or something that a friend, family member or neighbor is sharing…..and your response?  "Yes, that's nice, Thank You." "Oh sure I'd love to look into that." "Give me a call about that some time." "Oh, I'm not ready to start that yet."  And on it goes….and you ignore the suggestion.  Well, Amen Clinics was one of those for me…I'd heard of him a number of years ago for the first time. Then again, and again, from a client, a friend, an article, an educational forum, and then a neighbor brought up his name. What tipped me over the line was when I saw him speaking on PBS October 2017.  So I listen a bit, then sit down, and I start to take copious notes.  And now Dr. Amen himself has my attention.  I buy the $20 a month set of 20 DVDs, 2 books, and think "Maybe there is something to be said about what this guy is talking about." So I read his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and am WOWed! Then the chapter on Alzheimer's awareness comes up and I take the 'test' and it is not BAD; but it is not GREAT.  7 points alone are due to familial tendencies, the rest are mostly my own doing: weight, food choices, lack of sleep, little exercise.  So, I can fix most of them but can I change the DNA aspect of dementia?  I'm not so sure and I feel a bit anxious about my brain. I forget things just like any of us…or is this a sign of Alzheimer's?  I pray and feel the door open wide to have the opportunity to step into the realm of Amen Clinics and ALL that entails.  As a Certified Clinical Thermographer since Dec. 2012, I know that seeing into the body is invaluable to learning how to help the body be well, so I decide it is important for my peace of mind to move forward.

What I learn from this set of exhaustive and extensive testing is ALOT— but MOST importantly is the 'gift' that I received 12/17, that I saw I had NO signs of Alzheimer's, which can be seen 10 years in advance of the symptoms from a SPECT scan. "YAHOO!!!!  Sigh!  Breathe!  Phew!  Sigh again in relief!"  Now, the interesting thing is that the 'electrical' part of my SPECT scan was quite 'lit up', thus explaining my lack of sleeping through the night, my very busy brain seeming to never shut down, my moments of forgetfuness now making sense, and the busy, sometimes overwhelming life I live.  I promptly realize I need to really slow down, re-group, and choose to make sense of my busy, crazy life….and decide rationally, with Wisdom from the Lord, what aspects of my life need to go, what parts get to stay, and what needs to be better run.  "Hmmmmm…..I CAN do that, and I have HOPE, now that I SEE the inside of my brain and understand why I AM like I am as I look at the various components of my brain!"  It's totally cool to see that, by the way!  And with the report I got, I now can learn what to do to 'calm the crazy', 'enhance the imbalance', and 'transform my brain!" 

So how does this help YOU?!  One of Dr. Amen's 12 Principles is:  Get it. Give it Away. Keep it forever. Change the World.  So once I listened to DVD 1 and he challenges us to share this with others, I felt compelled to offer a Brain Changing seminar for 12 weeks, and I trusted that those who needed to hear this information would come, that they would go to Amen Clinic for assessment, or get someone there who needed to go.  As the Dr. says, he knows many people cannot afford such a process, but his work (books, DVDs, online support and website) teaches us how to live better; so I felt someone might need to be exposed to this information that wouldn't have heard of it otherwise.   

Since the Dr. I saw in the clinic after my 2 days of testing said to me, "Your brain is very healthy, and appears younger than your age.  Keep up the good work, whatever you are doing,"  I felt that commendation was a blessing, and a challenge.  I know many who have had brain trauma, brain abuse, and brain ignorance; I am one!  But over the years, I guess I chose "right" and "good" things for my brain!  Cool!  So I decided to commit to helping you learn how to help yourself…and this will come in the form of summaries of each week's DVD, plus other things I have learned to do to assist myself as the Dr suggested.  On your own, buy Dr. Amen's book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, look at and learn for yourself how to help you!  For my Young Living team and clients, stay tuned, as we will gain even more insights along the way.

And so the journey begins….. join me!

~ Sherry ~