Brain Health — Be Transformed (Week 1– 12 Principles)

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Week One is an Intro to the Amen Clinic concepts, who Dr. Daniel Amen is, his heart and sole of the process he moved through to understand the SPECT scanning benefits to brain health, and his 12 Principles to Change your Brain and your Life.  (

Because your brain is involved in everything you do and everything you are, it is key to learn what really makes up the brain.  We will be learning this throughout the next 6 weeks: Prefrontal cortex, Temporal Lobe, Cerebellum, Parietal lobe, Anterior cingulate gyrus, Basal ganglia, and Thalamus. And we will have testing to learn what areas of the brain have weakness or are missing in action (!), thus causing severe issues. The brain is complicated and in charge of thinking, processing, planning, balance, emotions, intellect, pleasure, sensing, focus, impulse control, motor control, thought control, visual processing, sense of direction, and so much more.

When your brain works right, you work right; and when your brain is troubled, you are much more likely to have trouble in your life.  So it is really important to know what helps the brain work right, like healthy and appropriate brain foods, healthy supplements, healthy environment, healthy people, exercise, healthy weight, sleeping 7 hours a night, and other great life choices.  When the brain is stressed, then you will struggle.  Bad brain choices are drinking coffee, alcohol, soda, etc in excess; playing contact sports so that brain injury is likely, snoring without looking for solution as this keeps oxygen from the brain at night, not choosing to sleep at least 7 hours a night, eating fast food/bad food/unhealthy food, bad/harsh environments, toxic chemicals in personal care products, and so much more.

Your brain is the most amazing, energy-hungry organ in the universe.  It is made up of water and fat.  It needs oxygen.  It needs healthy fats. It needs fuel called glucose every few hours, 20-30% of the calories you eat.  It takes 20% of your body's blood flow.  Skipping meals depletes your ability to think and function at your best. 

Your brain is the consistency of butter and is housed in a really hard skull with multiple sharp, boney ridges, making it easily injured.  The skull is hard and sharp inside, so when we 'bump' our heads, we hurt the brain.  Why do we choose to allow our children or ourselves to play hard/contact sports, hit the soccer ball with our head, not wear a helmet when doing any sport even bike riding, or take risks when climbing ladders, trees, or steps? It is easy to overlook the need to protect the brain and it is NOT wimpey to choose to take care of the only part of the body that allows you to have intelligent thoughts, make good decisions, and feel love.

Many things hurt the brain: recreational drugs, prescription drugs, excess alcohol, unbalanced hormone levels, Standard American Diet (SAD), obesity, spending time with unhealthy people, environmental toxins (my mom was a hair stylist — one of the harshest toxic occupations), OTC meds, high blood pressure, Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, chronic stress, infections, sleep apnea/not sleeping enough hours, brain injuries.

Many things help the brain: New learning, eating a brain healthy diet, eating heathy fats, lots of water, coordination exercises, meditating, having loving relationships, spending time with healthy people, taking brain supporting supplements, sleeping 7 plus hours a night, and many more.

Certain systems in the brain tend to do specific things, and problems in these systems tend to cause symptoms that can benefit from targeted treatments.  When you learn how the various brain compartments work, it is easy to understand that when an area is compromised by injury, abuse, environmental toxins, poor food choices and other things, that we will have symptoms showing we have an issue in that area.  By discovering these problem areas, we can learn what target goals, foods, lifestyle choices, changes, plans, treatments, supplements, and actions will allow for improvement.

Looking at the brain gives many powerful insights not possible by just listening to symptoms alone. Seeing is believing, and seeing is revealing.  A SPECT brain scan shows which regions of the brain are problematic and compromised in some way.  Thus, you can develop Brain Envy, a healthy perspecitve of choosing better things to make your brain work better! 

All psychiatric illnesses are not single or simple disorders in the brain. Each one has multiple types that require unique treatments.  One treatment will never work for everyone.  Often psychiatry has worked, since the days of Abraham Lincoln and of course even beyond, by assessing a person's verbal symptoms and maybe body symptoms, and how he or she is living out their lives, in order to pick a medication or treatment for them.  This just doesn't work because, for example, depression can come from trauma, or brain distress in any of the areas we have mentioned in the Prequel. Supplements, treatments, meds, or care must be tailored for what is really wrong. 

Brain aging is optional. Work to boost your brain's reserve.  We CAN change our brain health.  We CAN have a better brain.  We CAN start eating blueberries, walnuts, avocados, veggies to change our brain wellness. We CAN choose supplements that support our brain deficiencies and see changes occur quickly or over time.  We CAN choose to have better relationships, reduce work stress, exercise, play, sing, dance, and enjoy our lives which will change our brain health.  We CAN!

You can change your brain and change your life.  As shared above, we have choices.  We need to begin to make a decisions today if we wish to have a better and different life later.  I have made decisions to use a number of brain supporting and oxygenating supplements and essential oils: Omega 3s, B vitamins, D3, CoQ10, Ninxgia Red, cedarwood, Joy, rosemary, Thieves, and many more to give me wellness in my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional being. My body wants to be well and heal itself, and I support that.  Prevention is a key component I teach my clients, so let's not wait to be sick and symptomatic to try and get better brain health.

Get it. Give it away. Keep it forever. Change the world.  This is what made me realize I could not do all these great steps alone. Dr Amen challenges us to share his work, and I am excited to do so.  I hope that one day all my own children might choose to have a SPECT scan, but if not, they and my other family, friends, and clients will hear me tell my story of brain concern, brain envy, and wellness choices to improve my brain health, so I can live to my golden old age of 100 with a clear, focused, sharp mind that looks as young then as it does today!  And definately has a more balanced electrical pattern!  LOL! 

My tip for the week:  As I have been a poor sleeper for MANY reasons, I decided to try something last week.  I took a small brown glass vial (.25 oz), filled with fractionated coconut oil, a drop of lavendar, and a drop of cedarwood essential oil from my favorite oil company of purity in the world, and I applied a small dropperful to my hands and dabbed and smoothed over my face, being sure to dab near nostrils.  I have slept a purer sleep, for 5-7 hours straight this past week!  I am doing so much better and wake up refreshed!  And my skin is softer too! ;))                                                                            PS. I take my Omegas at bedtime, which helps me wake up with my brain ready to go.  I'm thinking as I wake up about my day and it is a gentle waking before my alarm goes off!

Bless you on YOUR brain wellness journey!  ( for more information and to buy your Change Your Brain, Change Your Life book.)

See you next week,

~ Sherry ~

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