Brain Health — Be Transformed (Week 3) Limbic System

So here we are in week 4, our first heavy duty lesson: The Limbic System! 

We all smelled our Valor and Cedarwood essential oils to give us the openness to receive the information and a drop of Lemon and Peppermint EOs to retain this amazing brain lesson.  Let's start.

The limbic system is a collection of structures deep within the brain that is associated with the perception of emotions and the body's response to them.  It is a ring of interconnected structures surrounding the top of the brainstem, which functions via complex circuits. Through its connections, the limbic system provides a way that an individual's emotional state can influence the internal state of the body. The connections also allow humans to use their knowledge of the outside world to regulate their response to emotions. Here is a list of its functions:

  1. Sets the emotional tone of the mind
  2. Filters external events through internal states — emotional coloring
  3. Tags events as internally important
  4. Stores highly charged emotional memories
  5. Modulates motivation
  6. Controls appetite and sleep cycles
  7. Promotes bonding
  8. Directly processes the sense of smell
  9. Modulates libido

When the Limbic system is less active, it is generally more postive and hopeful. But when it is working too hard, it can show these problems:

  1. Sadness or clinical depression
  2. Increased negative thinking
  3. Negative perception of events
  4. Flood of negative emotions, such as hopelessness, helplessness, and guilt
  5. Appetite and sleep problems
  6. Decreased or increased sexual responsiveness
  7. Social Isolation
  8. Pain

Having any of these symptoms regularly can be an indicator that something is out of balance.  Change Your Brain, Change Your Life has the quiz to see your level of Limbic imbalance.  The following are ways to promote balance:

  1. Supplements: Omega 3s, SAMe.  Plus be sure sex hormones are in balance, and as well as Thyroid and Adrenals.
  2. Essential Oils: Joy, Grounding, Angelica, Transformation, Gratitude, Present Time, Forgiveness, Frankincense, Valor, Believe, Copaiba, Idaho Blue Spruce, Inspiration, Peace and Calming, Sandalwood, Harmony, Deep Relief, Orthosport, Aroma Siez.  There are many choices depending on the roots underlying the limbic overload.
  3. Physical exercise can be more aerobic and even some social activities like dancing or tennis are good for this brain imbalance.
  4. Nutritious foods: Green tea, avocados, apples, berries, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, ornages, olives/oil, red peppers, salmon, spinach.
  5. Acupuncture, neurofeedback, and other treatments can be helpful.
  6. ANT therapy — learn how to defeat Automatic Negative Thoughts!
  7. Practice Thanksgiving and appreciation — bless 3 people a day with a kind, sincere word.
  8. Surround yourself with healthy positive people who support you.
  9. Improve your people skills and help make your relationships healthy and strong; look at them with gratitude, support others, clarify and deal with misunderstandings right away, focus on the positive, protect trust, and deal with difficult issues.
  10. Have healthy physical contact with others.  One of my sons came home from his CA master's program a few years ago and was filled with affection.  He started our 7 second hug.  Seems a little hard at first, but in time….it is sooo sweet and makes us have to focus on the other!
  11. Find your purpose and passion.  Going to work is allowed to be exciting and a reason to give you joy.  Find your passion.  Find a purpose which feels awesome to be part of, ie. maybe that is a hobby, ministry, community service, or some kind of activity you enjoy (like dancing!) that elevates your heart rate to boost your natural endorphins!  I've always wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons, so that is on my bucket list! 
  12. Engage in random acts of kindness, and note how you feel when you sincerely show someone a good deed.  Focusing on another's blessing will take your mind off of you and the ANTs!  Be creative!

We learned so much in this DVD.  Moment by moment, thoughts do matter.  So what kind of thoughts are you having?  It's important they are accurate, and truthful so you can have a mind of peace.  We need to defeat the ANTs!  There are 9 species, so get into the book to learn the negative thoughts we entertain without even realizing it.  Do not live in SHOULDs as this is not motivating and can lead to avoidance. 

Little lies drive anxiety, depression, aging, obesity, and illness.  Fear and negative thinking decreases the cerebellum.  We cannot blame our genes or others for our thoughts, but rather learn how to be a Brain Warrior and choose to turn the bad thoughts around into Thoughts of affirmation, blessing, joy, truth, accurate thinking, and appreciation.  Every day is special to do the right thing.  Choose to affirm a healthier YOU today!

Action step:  Choose a Young Living essential oil (pure and unadulterated by bad chemicals) and start to Breathe it in every single day, multiple times a day. The limbic brain takes in smell directly, and so can be a direct conduit to receive immediate assistance for calming, settling in, seeing truth, letting go, choosing wellness, and being in the moment.  

Bless you as you choose to Live With Passion and in this moment.  I am excited for your journey!

See you next week!


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