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It’s a New Season!

Hello friends and followers of Essence of Pure Living, I am back, online and reconnecting, after a long reprieve…and many NEW changes in my life and business.  Great things are happening, so let me summarize! In 2014, I moved from my … Continued


Essence of Pure Living Blog


Bible Oils Three Kings

Those Christmas Bible Oils

With Christmas Season underway, this is a perfect time to take a look at oils from the Bible as Frankincense and Myrrh were given to Jesus by the Wise Men who saw him in Bethlehem. Oils have been used throughout the Bible into the present time. Lets take … Continued


Young Living Lemon Essential Oil 

Lemon oil is REMARKABLE. Lemon essential oil can act as a mood enhancer and lift your spirits with its bright citrus scent. You can use lemon oil for daily household activities such as cleaning or as an air freshener. As … Continued

hands holding breast cancer ribbon

Is it Worth it? Musings about Mammography

What do you spend on your hair each 4-6 weeks for color and style? What about hair and skin products, makeup, lotions, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners? Do you use face moisturizer and wrinkle cream? What do you spend on your nails for manicures and pedicures? And … Continued

vegetable juices for detox

Why We Should Detox

Detoxifying our bodies is important in a day full of artificial sweeteners, chemicals, additives and hormones found in produce and meat, junk food, the air we breathe, and environmental toxins such as plastic materials, which we use daily. Our bodies … Continued

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay & Your Health

Creation is full of natural resources for our health that are not made up in a lab as a science experiment. Calcium Bentonite Clay is one such resource. It is made from volcanic ash and is full of minerals that … Continued

peppermint leaves and essential oils

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint bark, peppermint candy, and peppermint mocha… this season is full of the rich flavor, which is one of our favorite oils at Essence of Pure Living.  Peppermint essential oil works with cooking, flavoring your water or drinks, and as an astringent. Its multi-use functions make … Continued

slique tea

Tea Time: Slique Tea

Slique Tea by Young Living is a healthy way to maintain weight while fighting off the coming winter cold. To brew the best slique tea, simmer a cup of water and after 3 minutes of steeping, you will enjoy all the … Continued

cinnamon sticks

Sweet Season of Fall: Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon compliments just about everything in the fall. Pumpkin cinnamon spice, spiced apple cider, cozy cinnamon tea… cinnamon just adds a little extra to these fall flavors.  Cinnamon also makes a great Essential Oil. Cinnamon Young Living Essential Oil is potent, but … Continued


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