Is it Worth it? Musings about Mammography

Is it Worth it? Musings about Mammography

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What do you spend on your hair each 4-6 weeks for color and style? What about hair and skin products, makeup, lotions, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners? Do you use face moisturizer and wrinkle cream? What do you spend on your nails for manicures and pedicures? And various perfumes that can be exorbitant in price? What about money that you pour into that gym membership or workout equipment and videos? 

Most women take care of their faces, hands, hair, and bodies to be healthy and pretty as it "defines" them. And this is a valuable thing! But what good is all of that if we let our breast care prevention and assessment slip by, only to discover that one day, we have a tumor, and the Dr. wants to remove the whole breast…maybe both. What happens to the woman-hood that we were so carefully taking care of and putting money in for "upkeep?"

Thermography is an early breast assessment tool. It looks to see the health of the breast and provides the opportunity for wellness and prevention. It can see the sympathetic response of changing or compromised breast tissue, sometimes within with FIRST year of breast changes. (In the 1st-4th year of tumor growth it amasses to 1 million cells).  Mammography detects breast disease when the tumor has already formed a lump, after EIGHT years of tumor growth. By this time, the lump is the size of a pea, about 2cm, and is comprised of 4 trillion cells! 

Mammograms CANNOT detect tumors in women with dense breast tissue because dense tissue looks white and so do tumors. Who tends to have dense breasts? Women in their 30s. So why get 40 chest X-rays worth of bad ionic radiation if a tumor cannot be seen anyway? Further, women under 50 still have a lot of estrogen flowing freely, until after menopause. Radiation has a worse effect on estrogen dominant tissue, which can then lead to cell changes and potential tumor growth. 

Are my breasts worth $160 every year to asses any changes occurring within, especially for VERY early physiological changes? Yes. Mine are. So I encourage you to consider yourself, sisters, mothers, and friends. Think and do research on your own. And learn more about Thermography as an adjunct and safe way to take care of your valuable body!

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