It’s a New Season!

It’s a New Season!

Hello friends and followers of Essence of Pure Living,

I am back, online and reconnecting, after a long reprieve…and many NEW changes in my life and business.  Great things are happening, so let me summarize!

In 2014, I moved from my State College home of 20+ years to a lovely place in Port Matilda, just outside State College.  Duke, Django, and I made a wonderful home there, and within a couple months, my daughter joined us for what turned out to be 2 years.  About that time, I had made some business transitions and started my Thermography and Essence of Pure Living presence in State College.  It was a great learning and developing time.  My IT guy and SEO lady also helped me re-create EPL's website, and I have a very user-friendly site now, plus a new Logo as you see.  Please check it out:, and send me a greeting at the Contact Me icon!  Once I see your email to me about your favorite aspect of my site, I will email you a surprise.  And now that blogging is getting into my blood, I will be featuring the many different parts of my business each time and giving clues in the text for…more surprises!   So keep your eyes open for Essential Oils tips, SISEL supplement and make-up ideas, Thermography news, Raindrop promotions, and so much more!  

Now, since then, (in June 2016), I made a decision to move to Johnstown, PA, back to my hometown.  It was a God-sized decision and a quick process as my home and my Mom's home sold within days of being on the market.  I bought a home in Johnstown (moved Oct 7th), a new neutral location; and Mom moves in very soon actually.  I will be here to assist her as I can, in those great Golden Years she is in.  More on that later.  And for those of you who knew my awesome and sweetheart Duke, he did not make it to Johnstown.  Instead, he went to puppy heaven (well come on, humor me!) due to a bone cancer in his right forearm.  He had a great last 3 months, and some wonderful oils kept him running and youthful to near the end. 

Since I travel so much for work, I decided that Johnstown would be my new hub.  But for my wonderful clients in Centre County, I have a lovely office in State College, PA that I will continue to use as often as I am needed for Raindrops, Thermography, and SISEL and Young Living Oil consultations.  I will alert you to note my Remote Offices for Thermography on  Once there, you will see some information on Equine and Canine Thermography, as I trained for such in 2015…our animals deserve the best!  But the research and detailed articles about Thermal Imaging, though under People, do apply to our hairy and furry friends as well…so take a quick look.

And now, I wish you a Blessed and Lovely Day,                                                                                                  

Yours in Peace, Sherry