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Core Belief #1 – Education

At Essence of Pure Living, we don’t tell you what to do for your body and ask you to leave. Instead, we care deeply about helping you to understand what your body needs; and to be an advocate for health by giving you your voice back when taking control of your health and wellness.

Sherry offers classes about essential oils, calcium bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, CBD, Light Therapy Patches, Thermography, and CARE.

Through CARE you can do a deep dive into the science and physiological effects of essential oils. CARE is an essential oil and Raindrop and Vitaflex series of classes you can take for personal development and understanding of our products and services. Sherry offers a 25 hour, 3 day weekend intensive designed to learn theory, history, facts, application, purpose, and healing from therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living.

What is CARE?

CARE stands for Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education. The organization was founded in 2001 by Dr. David and Lee Stewart. Their mission is to assemble research about the powerful properties of Theraputic Grade Essential Oils, and disseminate information about how to safely and effectively apply essential oils. CARE’s vision is that the proper therapeutic application of essential oils, using VitaFlex and Raindrop Techniques will become common household knowledge used by families and professionals around the world.

Who Can Take CARE Classes?

Anyone with in interest in Theraputic Grade Essential Oils may take the CARE classes. There are also several related books and DVDs for purchase. CARE exclusively uses Young Living Essential Oils to ensure the quality of the oils used in the Raindrop technique.

What Topics Are Covered in CARE Classes?

Vitaflex: a Tibetan form of reflexology applied to the body’s acupressure points using the piezoelectric jump start to restore blocked nerve and energy pathways. This assists the body’s affected organ, area, or system to return to homeostasis. Essential oils enhance this technique due to their molecular electrical nature and movement along nerve and energy pathways. It aids digestion, helps mental alertness, improves blood flow, opens lymph and respiratory systems, clears the auditory canal, and rebalances the spinal column. Pre-requisite to Raindrop Technique. (This is a 4 hr. class; 4 CEUs…limit 10)

Raindrop Technique: a light touch therapy focusing on the feet (spinal points) and back/neck using 9 Essential Oil singles and blends. It can relieve stress, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, prevent organism causes of spinal misalignments, reduce pain, improve immune function, and release pent-up negative emotions. Pre-requisite to Vibrational Raindrop. (This is an 8-hour session, with hands-on learning and experience; 8 CEUs…limit 10)

Oils of the Bible: addresses the essential oils spoken of or used in Bible times, how they were used then, how they are used now, and what chemical or healing properties are of particular interest in each of them. You experience each one in the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit…plus more. (This is a 2 hr. class; 2 CEUs…no class limit)

Chemistry of Essential Oils: teaches the chemical constituents of essential oils and how the molecular structure, chemical components, and other properties allow a therapeutic grade essential oil to be effective in helping the body heal itself. A great class presented in a simple, easy to follow format and bringing out practical applications. (This is a 6 hr. class, divided into two sessions; 6 CEUs…no class limit)

Emotional Release: shows how essential oils can be used to enhance an emotional release of pent-up, buried, and unwanted negative feelings. Personal application is included. It is done with great care and sensitivity for the person who volunteers as our demo. (This is a 5 hr. class; 5 CEUs….no class limit)

What is Thermography?

Thermography is an inflammation assessment tool. Educational classes are offered at Essence of Pure Living locations on an as needed basis, in order to teach what Thermal Imaging is and its benefits. As part of the class, Sherry shows an hour long documentary called The Promise.

The Promise dives into the research and interviews of Physicians, a Chemist, a Physicist, and people with breast cancer. The documentary shows the history of mammography and the rapid rise of the use of digital infrared thermal imaging for breast health prevention and care.

Give Sherry from Essence of Pure Living a call at 814-883-0006 or use the contact form in the link at the top, for any questions on upcoming educational opportunities you can be a part of.

Finding Freedom to be Your Best Self!

When and Where are CARE Classes held?

Sherry is a Fully Certified CARE Instructor (FCCI). She teaches all 5 classes as a Full Intensive, or you can always sign up for 1 or 2 classes at a time! They are held in various locations in Pennsylvania and other states by request.