Welcome to Essence of Pure Living
Welcome to Essence of Pure Living
Finding Freedom To Be Your Best Self
And Wholistic Thermography
And Wholistic Thermography
Seeing the Real You

About Sherry Cummings Strayer, Owner of Essence of Pure Living & Wholistic Thermography

Essence of Pure Living and Your Thermal Imaging (now Wholistic Thermography) were born of the desire to help others heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually; and to see through a unique assessment tool, thermal imaging, where areas of need are located. I became a registered nurse in 1981 and began working in Critical Care and Home Health Care through Community Nursing. I went on to complete my BSN in Buffalo, NY working in hospice care at a local Cancer Respite Center.

What We Do

Essence of Pure Living is grouped into three categories: Education, Assessment, and Products
Essence of Pure Living offers a variety of wellness educational opportunities. Class sizes, topics, and locations vary. Learn more by clicking below!
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There are two main types of assessment we offer including Infrared Thermal Imaging - A Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging business, using medical grade, FDA registered screening equipment for medical & veterinary applications.
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At Essence of Pure Living we use a variety of wellness products. Click here to see all that we offer today!
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Products and Services

Our most popular products services at a glance
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Feedback From Our Clients
In 2016 I decided to travel over five hours to State College, PA to deepen my knowledge of essential oils, Chemistry, Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex and Emotional Release. The long trip was well worth it, I not only found a knowledgeable teacher and a mentor but also a life long friend. Sherry knows her stuff very well, however seeing her passion for people, their emotional well being, and their health on full display when she comes to visit my home in CT annually is priceless. She wholeheartedly serves my tribe of friends with Wholistic Thermography and her essential oils knowledge while educating and sharing with us. She is wise, incredibly genuine, and one of those people who you'll always want to have as a part of your life. Many times I have witnessed how her work, her words, her touch, and her skill changed a person's life, and giving my full attention to her when she visits is simply non-negotiable. -Dorota Matys, CT
I met Sherry Strayer in April 2016, when testing for my Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist Certification through CARE. Sherry was the Supervisor who administered my test for certification. Through the examination process, I discovered Sherry and I had similar backgrounds. We were both Licensed Massage Therapists and through our extensive health care training, we share a profound interest in helping people with the use of essential oils and Holistic Natural Therapies. Once I completed and passed my certification test, Sherry encouraged me to continue my education through CARE and become an Instructor like her. In essence of completing the next phase of becoming a CARE Instructor, I was required to have a mentor through this process, and I chose Sherry as one of my mentors. Since then, I have become a Sherry is an awesome instructor and a dear friend of mine. She is an accomplished CARE Instructor, who not only teaches CARE Intensives/Seminars, but she also specializes in Emotional Release Sessions, and Vibrational Raindrop Sessions. She facilitates Thermal Imaging and has a Massage Therapy practice. Thank you! Sherry, for making a profound impact on my life. I am honored and privileged to have you in my life. You have an amazing heart and spirit! May God Bless You in all your endeavors and all you give to others! -Celeste Reed, Michigan
I met Sherry Strayer in 2013 when I first became involved using essential oils. Sherry taught a CARE class in Rochester, Michigan and I was totally impressed with her knowledge and love for teaching people how to improve their health. I decided a couple years later, after building my business, to take to take things a little more serious and became an instructor like Sherry. During the process of becoming a CARE instructor we are required to have a mentor. Dr. David Stewart, the founder of CARE highly recommended choosing Sherry as my mentor, which I did. He said she was one of his best CARE instructors and thought we would work well together. He was so right! Since then, I’ve become a certified CARE instructor and we teach classes together a couple times a year. She is an amazing instructor and has become one of my dearest friends. Sherry has many gifts to share and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to benefit from any or all of the services she provides. She facilitates Thermal Imaging, CARE Intensives, Vibrational Raindrops, massages, and is very gifted in Emotional Release sessions. She has so much energy – she is like the “Ever-ready bunny” you see on commercials! She is full of life and full of God – love! When I grow up I want to be Like Sherry!! Thank you, Sherry for giving yourself to so many people! -Sherry Newcomb, Michigan


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Mission and Vision

Essence of Pure Living Mission and Vision Statement

Essence of Pure Living believes in you!  We want to help you choose life and complete wellness… of your heart, mind, spirit, and physical being. All are important! We believe in God’s empowering handiwork within you and choose to speak life and healing into your body starting today- the tongue is a powerful tool. At Essence of Pure Living we live by the Art of Blessing. For in blessing our clients or the living things and people around us, we feel the blessing in return. Essence of Pure Living wants to give you a voice for your own wellness, and hope that you choose us to be on your team of Wellness Professionals. We aim to provide wellness therapies and strategies, assessment tools, education, guidance and blessings to bring healing, health, peace, love and joy to your whole self. It is a Step of Faith.

-Sherry Cummings, Essence of Pure Living Owner and Founder