Therapy Approach

Therapies are individualized, based on one’s needs. They allow an integrative approach that assists in gaining a healthy and balanced self. Techniques focus on prevention and strategies that help one’s body to naturally heal itself. They improve homeostasis, body system functioning, and a state of peace and calming which promotes healing.

Wellness Specialties

We use thermography to identify areas of inflammation within the body, which are physiological changes due to illness, disease and compromised areas of the body. Thermography also helps to monitor healing processes. Plus, therapeutic grade essential oils and the Far Infrared Biomat are used to assist in activating the body’s natural healing abilities, creating wellness and balance at the cellular level.

Our Full List of Services Featured Below

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Thermography: a noninvasive, radiation-free assessment tool to see what’s happening inside of you. Full body scans (front, back, head to toe), can show indications of unhealthy changes going on inside of you, usually looking like inflammation, and are a signal for help.
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CARE stands for Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education. The organizational mission is to assemble research about the powerful properties of Theraputic Grade Essential Oils, and disseminate information about how to safely and effectively apply essential oils.
CARE Classes Offered at Essence of Pure Living
Combined with forms of massage (light touch, pressure, feathering, heat application) and Vitaflex (a form of reflexology), Raindrop Technique helps decrease muscle, bone and joint discomfort, improve movement of back, increase serotonin, and reduce occasional muscle soreness and swelling.
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The Vibrational Raindrop Technique, brings together the power of vibrational frequency from Tuning Forks and the healing energetic frequency of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Acutonics has been studied and used in vibrational healing for many years. In her research, Dr. Christi Bonds has discovered and created a powerful energetic and balancing tool for the body.
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Emotional Releasing is an application of multiple essential oils that promotes the release of hidden or buried emotions and mindsets. Sessions take place in a calm and trusting environment. This process can enhance your wellness journey by allowing you to let go of negative emotions that may be holding you back. Take a step in faith towards the person you are meant to be.
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Essence of Pure Living massage therapy treatments are diverse. Our favorite is the Raindrop Technique. It detoxes the body and promotes stress relief, reduces discomfort of muscles, bones, joints, and the brain, improves blood and lymph flow, improves functioning of the immune system, aids the digestive system, removes toxins, and diminshes bad organisms in the body.
Other Massage Therepy Treatments at Essence of Pure Living
iTOVi is DNA collection kit. It is a tool that helps you “find your way” through the myriad of choices in Young Living Essential Oils, utilizing bio-communication. Bio-communication works by placing your hand on a metal hand cradle and then sends stimuli to your body, which represents each individual product.
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