Wholisitc Thermography

Seeing The Real You

What is Thermography?

Thermography: a noninvasive, radiation-free assessment tool to see what’s happening inside of you.

Radiation Free Asssessment Option

Thermography represents an affordable solution for your physical assessment needs. Full body scans (front, back, head to toe), can show indications of unhealthy changes going on inside of you, usually looking like inflammation, and are a signal for help.  A few examples are the thyroid gland, carotid artery disease, deep vein thrombosis vs. superficial varicosities, gastrointestinal involvement, sinus issues, gum problems, headaches, plantar fasciitis, muscular stress and strain, joint related changes, and more.  Darkened scans, especially over hands, feet, and lower legs, may indicate problems with circulation or a neuropathy.

Thermography of the breast can detect abnormality 8-10 years before mammography can detect a mass.

Personal Testimony

The Transition from Mammography to Thermography

Sherry’s Story

Hi Ladies! In my early 40’s, I started the mammogram routine, especially due to family breast cancer history…my Paternal Grandmother and her two sisters had breast cancer as I was told, and one led to lung CA. Having had 5 children and nursed all 5 for a year, I figured all my hormones were in sync…so why bother with it? Family history, I guess. My first mammogram was fine, despite the pain of my breasts being squeezed beyond recognition. You who have had one, understand! Good thing breasts are pliable and go back to the correct shape! Right?!

My 2nd mammogram was not so perfect and so began a short but confusing and frustrating saga of multiple mammograms, and an ultrasound and the ‘hush hush’ of the tech not being able to tell me what was going on in my “suspicious” looking breast tissue. Over a week later I was finally ushered into the Dr’s office and told I had Fibrocystic breasts, which led me to ask “Why?” “What does that mean?” “Does it lead to cancer?” “Do I have a tumor?” I really didn’t know! And despite being a nurse, this was ALL new to ME! The answers given were OK, but the ‘concern’ that I’d need closer follow-ups and more mammograms (and I did at least understand the concept of MORE radiation), made me start some research. And that research led me to say “NO, I do not want to have another 6 month appt.” ”NO, I do not want another annual appointment.” “No, I am not being irresponsible.” “No, I do not want more radiation in my body.” ”NO, I am actually OK not choosing mammograms anymore.” “NO.”

It took 3 years to have the office stop sending me cards for making an appointment. The reason? I could not understand it actually at the moment. Not 100%. But my instincts told me it was not for me. The anxiety of having a mammogram and the suspiciousness that kept me in fear of the worst for a week was not cool. And it made an impact on me. I would not go through that again. And I did not. It would be about 10 years until I discovered Thermography. And I am thrilled I did!

Thermal Imaging Examples

The only method for visualizing pain and pathology. It is cost effective, risk free, and provides instant images. It detects physiological changes that accompany breast pathology- whether it is cancer, infection, fibrocystic disease, or vascular disease. Whether your pain is acute or chronic, Thermal Infrared Imaging can help you and your healthcare professional to safely get you back to your optimum health!

  • Non invasive
  • No radiation
  • Painless
  • No contact with the body
  • FDA registered