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Education, Assessment, and Products
Sherry is available for calls day and night and is constantly teaching about products and services. But her core Education category is CARE. Do a deep dive into the science and physiological effects of massage and our oils through CARE. CARE is an essential oil + Raindrop and Vitaflex series of classes you can take for personal development and understanding our products and services.
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At Essence of Pure Living, I use thermography to identify areas of inflammation within the body due to physiological changes. These changes could stem from from illness, disease, and compromised areas of the body. Thermography also helps to monitor healing processes. Massage services are provided to assist in reducing muscle tension and pain relief, improve lymphatic, digestive and immune function, and promote relaxation. Raindrop and Vibrational Raindrop Techniques are favorites of Sherry’s due to the emotional healing and bodily detox functions of the Raindrop technique.
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At Essence of Pure Living products like our Young Living Essential Oils and Biomat Infrared Therapy are used in practice and are available to purchase for at home usage. All of our products are intended to assist in activating the body’s natural healing abilities, creating wellness and balance at the cellular level. The products we use are based on science and are backed up by studies and information by practicing doctors and researchers.
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