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At Essence of Pure Living, we care about more than just physical well being. We want to see people living their best life from the inside out. “Finding Freedom To Be Your Best Self” is not just one of our tag lines we throw around. We put it into practice with services we offer like Emotional Releasing. And we share our insights for the month with blogs and posts that encourage on a weekly basis.

This month, our insight for July is focused on joy. Joyful July means practicing joy despite obstacles and hardships. Obstacles can’t keep us down if we practice joy when working through them. Joy can be found in simple things in life like family time; the long, warm summer days; and resting in a moment of down time.

Joy is about smiles and happiness. But it’s also a mindset of faith and belief that hardships can be walked through and come out the other side well.

Wellness can be achieved, but as we heal our physical bodies, we shouldn’t leave out our spirit, emotions, and mindsets. These play an important role in having true health and wellness. One way to embrace wellness today is to choose joy.

Here are three powerful changes or action step that can bring you more joy:

  1. Choose joy in your speech and language
  2. Choose joy in how you spend your time doing self-care and healthy activities
  3. Choose joy by honoring those around you, giving time by volunteering in your community or calling a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.

If joy is a challenge for you, or you don’t really know where to start to begin to be a more joy filled person, we have a couple of solutions that are worth checking out that can be a starting point for that healing and wellness that you crave.

At Essence of Pure Living, we represent a therapeutic grade essential oils company that even has a simple solution to manifest joy at a cellular level. Essential oils are powerful and can change your chemistry. We know that chemicals from toxic products in the world can influence your body in a negative way (changing hormones, side effects). On the other-hand, we know that pure unadulterated essential oils can influence your body, mind, and hormones in a positive way.

Ask Sherry, owner of Essence of Pure Living, about the essential oils that she would recommend to embrace joy for this season, bringing balance back to your body and mind.

We also suggest you look into an Emotional Releasing session with Sherry, that unlocks the deep pains in the recesses of our spirit and body, that unless released can block true healing, even physically. Your body is connected and if one thing is off, it can cause misalignment in your whole being.

At Essence of Pure Living, we want to see our clients free from pain on all levels. And we are here to be your advocate as you walk out finding freedom inside and out.

If you’re feeling stuck, blocked, frustrated, and in pain, choose to walk out those action steps of joy that will help you get through. And call Sherry at 814-883-0006 to get more info on essential oils, how they ACTUALLY work, and a deeper Emotional Releasing session that can bring healing breakthrough at a whole new level.