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With the increase of summer parties and festivities to go to this year, we may start to feel sluggish and tired from all that we are consuming, and that’s not how we want to feel through this new season. One way to combat the process is through detoxing!

Detoxifying our bodies is an important part of staying healthy in today’s world of artificial sweeteners, chemicals, additives and hormones found in produce, meat, and junk food, and environmental toxins. Our bodies want to be healthy and we have the potential to feel great. But there are so many substances that we use every day, sometimes without even realizing it, that leave our bodies feeling sick, foggy, bloated, and having achy muscles and joints.

We need to be taking care of our bodies and relieving them of all the bad in order to feel good!

So, what does detoxing really look like?

There are many types of detox programs- liquid fasts, fresh produce only fasts, even basic changes like drinking a gallon of water a day while eliminating alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks can help in the process of detoxing. Breaking a good sweat through exercise is a form of detox as well as Epsom salt baths.

At Essence of Pure Living, we recommend getting a massage to move toxins from deep within our muscles, booking a Raindrop Technique session with Sherry, and using Calcium Bentonite Clay daily for a good detox.

It is important to be gentle on your body while detoxing, as you may feel fatigued the first few days as your body “cleanses.” Be sure to consult your healthcare provider before starting any new diet or making a change to your healthcare routine. And definitely drink half your body weight in ounces of water while detoxing and enjoy the healing from within!

This summer, get in the mindset that detoxes are a great way to reset healthfully!