Finding Freedom to Celebrate Success!

We are halfway through 2021. Amazing! Now that we are halfway through the year, we wanted to take time to recognize the big and little successes, check in, see how we are doing, and celebrate the wins so far.

We started the year at Essence of Pure Living talking about fresh starts. We began our year with fresh starts in mind as we have been working on new ways of updating our business processes and reaching our clients with information, featured products, recipes, and general health and wellness tips that can be used every day.

We’re happy to say that we have been successful! And we’re celebrating this month at Essence of Pure Living. We’re celebrating the freedom that our clients are finding when working with Sherry and the good change that each of them has experienced in their health and wellness with the services offered at Essence of Pure Living.

We’ve seen success in so many areas within Essence of Pure Living…

  • Emotional Releasing sessions where clients have found healing in the deep parts of their minds and bodies that they didn’t know needed healing. And this those sessions having a direct impact on their body in a positive way.
  • CARE Intensives full of applicable education that Sherry has been able to teach. She loves the breakthrough that her students find when practicing with essential oils and reaching new people to take their essential oil education and practice even further!
  • Raindrop Technique and the detox process that clients walk away feeling renewed and refreshed.


There are success stories every day and we know you have found success in your life so far this year. Even if your goals haven’t worked out perfectly, there is still time for success in 2021. Remember to celebrate the wins as you work hard for your goals. Success is just around the corner! And we have featured products to share to help you reach your goals.

Stay tuned for those products on social media and our next blog post.