Essence of Pure Living _ Refreshment with essential oils

At Essence of Pure Living we aim to enhance the lives of all of our clients and customers through education and wellness techniques. We use essential oils by Young Living for all of our services in massage, Emotional Releasing, and Raindrop Technique. This month, we’re highlighting two essential oils that we value for their qualities of bringing refreshment to the mind and body: Gratitude and Clarity.



You’ve heard that practicing gratitude daily can be renewing to your mind. Gratitude is an essential oil that can help anyone who uses it recognize blessings and thankfulness. The blend is a combination of:


Clarity is a Young Living essential oil blend that can aid at a mental/emotional level. Need more stability? Desire clarity with work or home-life? This blend includes:

Clarity and Gratitude are best used in a diffuser, though can be used topically. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using a carrier oil (coconut, V-6, or even olive oil) to help dilute the potency; each drop goes a long way. The blends are pure and you know you can breathe deeply, refreshed in body, mind, and spirit with these oils we love.