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I was going to capture this month’s 2nd blog and April’s empowerment theme from the perspective of using essential oil blends featured this month, to assist in the powerful success of being able to accomplish, attain, command, do and be empowered in some area(s) of your life.  However, after rising at 4:30 AM to get my sister to the hospital by 5:30 AM to undergo a major unexpected Double Bypass Open Heart Surgery, I think our theme requires a broader look.

What is Empowerment? 

Having the courage to undergo a 4+ hour-long open-heart surgery without fear. Standing up for the rights of children needing care, education, and compassion. Taking bags of clothes in to school for your underprivileged students. Finally moving out of an abusive home situation. Saying “NO” to the ‘friend’ who’s offering you his or her latest purchase of meth, pot or heroin.  Forgiving and even becoming a friend to one’s former spouse. Standing up for one’s beliefs in God when others scorn you.  Moving away from your home of 28 years to ‘start over.’ Moving miles away to start a career in a new state or foreign land. Offering to pray for a friend who may not believe in prayer.  Having the humility to ask for help. Changing your career path after years of doing something entirely different. Blogging and posting those very words that you have poured your heart into… that no one may even read. How about choosing to speak up when asked your opinion about a ‘hot’ topic in the news or political arena. Believing you are truly valuable to someone who wishes to marry you, when you gave up hope of being loved for who you are. Taking a 2nd chance in life and believing you CAN accomplish whatever it is you desire, dream, or ache to do. Singing wholeheartedly at a karaoke bar whether on pitch or way off. Adopting a pet. Adopting a child. Adopting the belief that YOU are valuable, amazing, powerful, beautiful, lovable, honorable, sweet, special, desired, forgiven, fun, and worthy.

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Relizing Empowerment with Essential Oils

What is empowerment but the beauty of having the courage to take the first step forward into the unknown, a destiny of uncertainty, a future of dreams soon to be realized?

Believe you can do it.  Find your Inspiration to GO for It! And feel the freedom to Magnify Your Purpose to the fullest extent you can imagine. Someone really does care about you.  Someone really does need you.  Someone really reads your heart’s open book.  Someone truly loves you for who you are and all you have to offer; because we all need a friend, a confidant, a hug.  So be Empowered this day to BE and DO and ATTAIN and SEEK and LEARN and GROW and GIVE. Do not be afraid; as I may be needing the VERY thing YOU have to offer me today.