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Empowerment — A big and almost ‘heady’ word that might imply something unattainable…like being in a high position of power or authority, having the ability to carry out or accomplish a huge task, actually doing something you could only dream of doing, or escaping something that is oppressing and holding you down.

Stories I hear from some clients I have can be devastating as I learn how they have been demoralized by their choices for wellness strategies that are not considered the correct way to go. Knowing friends who have lost children to drugs, and the many children and adults out there fighting for the ability to stay or get ‘clean.’  Seeing alcoholism destroy lives and families.  Watching single women struggling to keep a job while raising children alone. Seeing friends being devastated by cancer diagnoses, mutilating surgeries, chronic unrelenting pain or other crushing hardships .

How DOES one gain a feeling of empowerment? Of victory? Of feeling able to ‘rise above’ one’s situation to become what one’s dream claims he or she can be or do?

Cindy Trimm, in Commanding Your Morning, says that you are to never think that you are a weak, defeated victim.  But rather we are instructed to declare our strength.  Joel 3:10 says, “Let the weak say, I am Strong.” Verbal proclamation is key to moving from one position to another; as it is the spoken word that created the earth, sky and seas, brought our existence into being, and moves mountains.

“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life”—James Allen.

So, we CAN be empowered to create our future with hope and purpose. Even in the midst of our struggles, catastrophes, and pain, we are given God’s direction and example to speak blessing into our situation.  The “Son” has never stopped shining on our lives, despite the dark cloud covering.

Our prayers ARE heard. As the sun rises each morning, so can our hope.  As we begin to feel that hope, we can start to see our success, healing, freedom, and empowerment in the “eye” of our mind and soul. That image is what gives us inspiration to get up and move, get up and speak, get up and stand for truth, get up and walk, get up and leave, get up and laugh again, maybe for the first time.

As I spoke last month about the ‘frequency’ of tuning forks and the vibration of healing, I hope you can see that you were created as vibratory organism…who can feel the energetic power of God’s Hand in your life, in the way you speak to another and bring a smile, or the hug you give that prompts tears of healing and confidence.

Our words and thoughts are a series of transmitters sending out and receiving messages; and the frequencies of peace, love, laughter, joy, confidence, purity, excellence, truth, honor, victory, success, wellness, and strength are all right at our fingertips to claim and speak into our own lives and the lives of others. It is never too late to start speaking empowering words over yourself or others. Keeping a mind ‘fixed’ on good, lovely, Godly thoughts is key to this ‘rising up’ of empowerment to become what we so desperately desire: physical healing, a new job, a peaceful home, a restored relationship. These things may appear to be unattainable and far away, but with faith, vision, focus and steadfast words of affirming, we will become empowered to live in the dream we so desire and hope for.