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Discovering C.A.R.E.

My first raindrop session was at a Young Living conference many years ago, around 2006. It was a most unique experience, and it prompted me to learn more about it, especially since a C.A.R.E. Instructor facilitated it.

C.A.R.E. stands Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education. But what was C.A.R.E.? I needed to know more. At that time, I was searching for more detailed information about essential oils…what were they? How did they work? Were they really able to help the body heal itself? And more. I made the discovery that C.A.R.E. offered classes about the very things I was asking. I found an ‘Intensive’ (and it was!) to train at, 8 hours away and attended with my sister. I had found the answers I was looking or, books to study, and the beginning steps of a future I would be engaging in as a Fully Certified C.A.R.E. Instructor!

From C.A.R.E to Raindrop Technique

One of the primary reasons C.A.R.E. began was to help many learn the outstanding work of Gary Young and his development of the Raindrop Technique. It is actually a series of techniques, put together in a flow and format to assist the body to release built up toxins, bring balance and harmony to the mind and body, to calm and relax the mind and body, and to begin restoring the body’s cellular disruptions for healing. This is not massage therapy; this is not energy work.

But it does bring the physical and mental calm, balance, and steps towards wellness that we all so desire. I LOVE having my monthly raindrop session and miss it so much when my friend and I cannot meet. I love feeling the drop of oils onto my back as I see the energetic chemistry of electrons moving clockwise onto my skin to begin a powerful work, literally as they are still even falling onto my back and being applied to the spinal reflex points of my feet.

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What Does Raindrop Do?

Raindrop was created with an understanding of the body’s needs for wellness and the three ways that essential oils work.

  1. First, some of the oils are Phenylpropanoids, a big chemistry word that simply means those oils are capable of helping the body detox the massive amount of ‘gunk’ that we are storing at the cellular level and thus the receptor sites at each cell is given aid to release the ‘gunk’ (stored toxins). Freedom of an open lock that had a false key
    inserted and could never open the door for wellness.
  2. Second, are the Sesquiterpenes, a heavier molecule with a unique set of qualities allows the cells to have a reboot of sorts; like a computer going through the process of being purged of old files, and faulty data…so the sesquiterpenes could delete faulty data being replicated in the DNA. Freedom from the false data being pushed onto a cell and blocked from correct information replication.
  3. Third, the Monoterpenes are lighter weight, almost like the ‘happy pill’ of oil chemistry, bringing the fresh image to the cell of correct, original DNA intention from our Creator. Freedom from continually being trapped to replicate false data… and freedom to bring healing into each cell needing such.

The Trifecta

Raindrop technique is a beautiful Trifecta… one actually created by God, built into the chemistry of essential oils and the plant’s DNA… for us to discover in time as Gary Young so beautifully did many years ago. And I thank Dr. David Stewart for creating the consistent, detailed, and well thought out process of
education to keep the Raindrop Technique moving forward for all who wish to learn.

There is truly nothing like Raindrop Technique. Those who have experienced it, know this to be true; and seek to have Raindrop sessions where and when they can. I can attest to this. If everyone could experience the wonder of pure, unadulterated essential oil application like this, there would be much more wellness going around, much more balance of mind and body, much more peace and joy within, and much healing.

Call or text Sherry Cummings Stayer, Owner and Founder of Essence of Pure Living and Wholistic Thermography at 814-883-0006 to learn where and when you can experience your next Raindrop Technique!