This month of March is a focus on Progress. Why Progress? What does progress actually mean?

It’s forward or onward movement; as a goal, gradual betterment.  It’s like a journey, which takes time, but there’s always an end goal in a journey, a destination, a location to get to. There’s also travel time, where the process is in a maintenance while we get from here to there. There might be rest stops along the way; times of refreshment, sleep, regrouping, evaluating the journey’s steps, even realizing a wrong turn has occurred and we must get out our maps (re-evaluate the goals, steps, and vision), turn around or take the time to get back onto the main or more direct road of the journey.


I am in Progress: a new movement forward, largely in social media, with an updated and upgraded website, with posts, blogs, a newsletter and even monthly themes!  Thanks to my amazing daughter who is excellent at this, I am now seeing the beginning of change. As I look back at where I was last year, or even a few months ago…I have progressed! I am in forward movement with my goal of betterment of EPL – Essence of Pure Living – visibly on social media.  It is not my personal skill-set that is getting me there, aside from what I wish to share and teach you. It is her skill-set, and thus an example of getting the right people into our Progress that will join us and carry us and get us moved along on our journey.

I am in Progress at my home, as our old country home is being transformed into a lovely new home, expressing the interests and décor of both my husband and I, quite a balance of giving and taking.  The old rooms of our country home are becoming a waiting room and office for my work of Thermography, Massage, Raindrop sessions, and teaching classes on essential oils and other great healthy topics. There is Progress as I paint walls and ceilings, stain and polyurethane wood, organize my new home, and my husband hangs lighting, trim, shelving, window blinds and does many things to help us create a home.  Progress.

March is a good month to speak on Progress because it is beyond the weeks of January resolutions that may have fallen to the wayside. It is beyond the deep chill of winter, ice, storms and freezing temperatures of the northeast…and we are seeing warmth, the beginnings of spring rains, and the forward march into Spring!  Take Hope.  Take time to regroup and decide what is important to you.  Maybe using one of the essential oil blends posted about March 4th, for a few weeks or months, could give you the boost of focus, excitement, creativity, inspiration, and vision that you had and desire to re-capture.  Essential oils of Hope, Inspiration, Into the Future, and Oola Grow are great steps forward.

My blessing to you as you step forward, one step, one goal, one dream, one part of your journey at a time.  Let me know how I may assist you in your Progress by checking what service at EPL gets you into your movement forward.  It’s time for Progress!