Fresh Starts from the Inside Out

This month, we are all about fresh starts at EPL, and our thought is why not give your body a fresh start from the inside out this January. One great way to accomplish that is through a detox.

Detoxifying our bodies is important in a day full of artificial sweeteners, chemicals, additives, and hormones found in things we use daily. From produce to meat, junk food, cleaning and beauty products, even the air we breathe– our bodies are constantly fighting to push out the toxic buildup. Our bodies want to be healthy and feel great! But with the number of substances that invade our systems, sometimes without us even knowing, we oftentimes are left feeling sick, tired, foggy, headachey, bloated or gassy, and more.

Our bodies deserve to feel good just like a deep cleaning of our home after the holidays. Detoxing, or a deep cleaning of our interior body systems, is just as important.

Types of Detoxes

There are many types of detox programs. Liquid fasts that give our bodies a break from the hard work it does just to digest our food, such as juicing. Eating only fresh fruits and veggies for a period of time, flushing out the bad with more amounts of water, and elimination diets are other options to choose from.

A good detox doesn’t have to be hard nor long.

Detoxing our bodies can include non-food and water action steps like taking an Epsom salt bath, getting a massage to move toxins from deep within our muscles, or taking supplements such as liver and colon cleansing capsules. Even a good workout sweat is a form of detox!

What Does EPL Offer?

At Essence of Pure Living we have a variety of options for helping you to give your body a gentle detox.

Our Raindrop Technique and Vibrational Raindrop Technique are instrumental in initiating the process of a deep cleanse. Using a specific set of Young Living Essential Oils, this is one great way to jump start a body detox.

Another option we have is through a product Calcium Bentonite Clay, which can be mixed with water to drink, or even put on your body to extract build up of toxins in problem areas such as acne spots and the liver.

Whatever form of detox you choose to act on, it is important to be gentle on your body while detoxing, as you may feel fatigued the first few days as your body “cleanses.”  One Essence of Pure Living tip is: don’t over plan activities during your days of detoxing. And as always enjoy the healing from within as you become free to be the best version of yourself!

Be sure to reach out to Sherry from Essence of Pure Living with any questions. And contact your health care professional before starting any new health routine.